Growing Need for Data Wrangling

Aperio CI’s hands-on approach to understanding and transforming data into a usable form

Don't Forget About Legacy Systems

Find out what value the systems in use today are providing

One effective way to ensure that a new data system provides business value is to carry forward the key business processes from legacy systems.
At Aperio CI, our approach is to fully understand the processes behind each legacy system, what data is loaded and what value each system provides.

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Give the Users What They Need

Find out what users need first and then design a solution

Some solutions architects are inclined to load all data and then figure out later what is of value to the users. This is both costly and highly inefficient.
At Aperio CI we perform interviews and hold workshops with users to understand their requirements and map them to the source information. This ensures that the data users need is made available in the most efficient way.

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Understanding Data

Aperio CI does the hard work that others don’t do to understand your data

Do you know every piece of information available to your business? Do you know the value that lies undiscovered in a data feed?
Aperio CI has over 25 years’ experience analyzing and determining value in source data. We work to understand every bit of information and relationships between data sources. When users need to access information, it is available and not left out of the system.

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Picking The Optimal Technology To Use

Don't go for the "Shiny New Toy"

Some companies want the latest & greatest technology, when in fact it may not be the best fit for their needs.
At Aperio CI, we match the right technology to your needs. Regardless of what technology is needed, we have the experience to integrate it with your data system solution.

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