Data Governance

Aperio CI does all of the heavy lifting, allowing you to do what you do best

Aging Data Systems

As systems get older, new challenges are introduced

If you are not paying attention to the processes that influence a data system, you could potentially corrupt the information supplied to your business.
At Aperio CI, we provide services to continually manage your data system operations. From job management & database administration through to the management of end user experience, we provide the end to end solution to keep your database functioning as expected.

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Legacy System Nightmares

Is your legacy system impossible to manage and difficult to change?

Many businesses have legacy systems that were built by former employees, contain little documentation and are costly to manage. You may not need to replace these systems with an expensive new solution.
Aperio CI can help you. We have the resources that will do the grunt work to understand every bit of your legacy system and empower your team to manage it for the long term.

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Need to Update Your Data System?

If you can’t revive your existing system, Aperio CI can get you back to doing business

Sometimes a business makes the decision that the cost of reviving an existing system is too great. If your business is in the process of replacing an existing data system, Aperio CI has the resources and tools prepared to help guide you along the way.
At Aperio CI, we foster long term relationships with our clients, rather than just leaving them with a system once it is deployed. Aperio CI’s team of professional services experts work alongside our client resources to ensure long-term project success.

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Excellence in Data Systems Management

Helping data system operators succeed

Rigorous data governance requires focus, discipline, and execution – all key Aperio CI strengths. If the system you’re managing is unstable or provides inaccurate results, EDCO is the resource you need to help bring your system back in line.

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