Configure Price Quote

Aperio CI's Pricing Genie provides a very powerful pricing calculation and analysis tool that enables great marketing teams to deliver highly focused, personalized offers to their customers – quickly and accurately.

Real Time Pricing Engine

JITRE is an on-the-fly pricing engine that enables Pricing Genie to accurately re-price any customer against every available internal and/or competitive package combination returning the results in less than 2 seconds.
Coupled with Pricing Genie’s MarComms functionality and Aperio CI’s Next Best Activity capability, JITRE empowers operators to deliver highly personalized offers in real-time over the phone, in the store or on the web.

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Guided Selling

Enabling sellers to quote complex and configurable products so they can deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time for the right reasons.
Pricing Genie enables companies to increase profits, sales and customer satisfaction at the same time by automating the quote process. Users are equipped with the right offers calculated for the specific customer based on business rules that meet the customer need while driving profits.

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Close Deals Faster

Shorten the time your reps spend determining recommendations and respond to customers faster.
With a fully automated rules based system the next best pricing offer is only one click away. And the offers are personalized and calculated based upon the customer’s specific profile.

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