Who We Are

We launched Aperio CI over 25 years ago with a set of core values:

Access to information will transform your business – Your data can provide invaluable insights to your customers and your business but only if the information is accurate, relevant and timely.

Your information needs will evolve over time – Long-term relationships allow us to truly understand your business and to design data systems to meet your needs short and long term.

We are more than just a vendor, we are a dependable and trusted partner - We deploy projects that meet or exceed your expectations and we deliver them on-time and on-budget.

Our people are our strength – We have a highly experienced and stable team. This means the team that starts your project will be the one that finishes it.

We have become a leading provider of data systems, business intelligence solutions, predictive analytics solutions and big data systems to corporations worldwide. Our customers include a wide range of industries from Mobility / Wireless Communications to Multi-Media News companies in North America, Europe and Asia.

Our bottom line - When companies have data projects that absolutely must be delivered on-time with unmatched data integrity and data governance they turn to Aperio CI. They know that an Aperio CI system just works flawlessly and delivers measurable value every day.

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How We Work

“The MAIN THING is to keep the MAIN THING, the MAIN THING”

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